OneStream Foundation Handbook – Review

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OneStream Foundation Handbook

“If you want to learn about the OneStream Platform – what sets it apart from the competitors in the CPM space – the OneStream Foundation Handbook is a great resource. Not only does it explain the features of OneStream, it walks you through WHY those features are important, why they are included in the platform, and how best to think about those features when approaching a new project.

“As a consultant, this book is a fantastic tool to help ensure you’re hitting all the right points during a project, that you’re asking the right questions of the customer. Want to implement a 5-year long term forecast? There’s an example. Want to implement a 12-month rolling forecast? There’s an example for that as well! The chapter on Rules and Calculations includes examples and best practices, including topics such as consolidation and translation rules as well as seeding rules (for copying data). Once you have the calculations written, there are two chapters on Performance Tuning – information so you can help customers achieve faster processing times.

“As a customer (application owner, super user), the book contains concepts that will help you plan your implementation, play an active role in the project, and help you understand how everything fits together. What is Extensibility (one of the key differentiators of OneStream) – and why should you use it? How should you implement it? The answers are in this book. You’ll find in depth chapters on Security (never an easy topic!) written in a very understandable way. Same with Rules and Calculations – a difficult topic to understand broken down into consumable bites.

“A nice touch is the personalization – each chapter was written by an OneStream expert, and the end of each chapter contains a small insight into the author and their experience working at OneStream.

“Even if you aren’t interested in taking the Architect exam, consider adding this book to your library. It’s a great introduction to OneStream overall, which can then be built on by taking the hands on training courses offered by OneStream and its training partners.”