The Definitive Reference to Design, Configure and Support Your OneStream Platform.

OneStream is a modern, unified platform that is revolutionizing Corporate Performance Management. This proven alternative to fragmented legacy applications is designed to simplify processes for the most sophisticated, global enterprises. Hundreds of the world’s leading companies are turning to OneStream to help with reporting and understanding financial data.

In this practical guide, The Architect Factory team at OneStream Software explains each part of an implementation, and the design of solutions. Readers will learn the core guiding principles for implementing OneStream from the company’s top team of experts. Beyond offering a training guide, the focus of this book is on the ‘why’ of design and building an application.

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  • Manage your Implementation with the OneStream methodology
  • Understand Design and Build concepts
  • Build solutions for the Consolidation of financial data, and develop Planning models
  • Create Data Integration solutions that will feed your models
  • Develop Workflows to guide and manage your End-Users
  • Advance your solutions with Rules and Security
  • Take advantage of detailed Data Reporting using tools such as Analytic Blend, Advanced Excel reporting, and Dashboarding
  • Tune Performance, and optimize your application

Note: Any Files provided for Exercises in this OneStream Press Book are for the use of Customers and Partners in an On-Premise environment and are not supported by the OneStream Support Team.

The information contained within this book is relevant to software version 3.5.6

Table of Contents

Foreword by Tom Shea
1. Introduction [Peter Fugere]
2. Methodology and the project [Greg Bankston]
3. Design and Build [Peter Fugere]
4. Consolidation [Eric Osmanski]
5. Planning [Jonathan Golembiewski]
6. Data Integration [John Von Allmen]
7. Workflow [Todd Allen]
8. Rules and Calculations [Nick Kroppe and Chul Smith]
9. Security [Jody Di Giovanni]
10. Reporting [Jacqui Slone and Chul Smith]
11. Excel and Spreadsheet Reporting [Nick Blazosky]
12. Analytic Blend [Andy Moore, Sam Richards, and Terry Shea]
13. Introduction to the MarketPlace [Shawn Stalker]
14. Performance Tuning I [Jeff Jones and Tony Dimitrie]
15. Performance Tuning II [Jeff Jones and Tony Dimitrie]

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Edited by Peter Fugere

ISBN: 9781838252809

Published March 30th, 2021.


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