Certification is the route to increasing knowledge, growing skills, and career progression. Now, validate your technical competence and gain industry recognition with OneStream Software.

As the proven alternative to legacy, connected CPM solutions, OneStream unleashes the power of Finance by unifying CPM processes – such as planning, financial close & consolidation, reporting and analytics – through a single, extensible solution. Our platform enables Finance teams to empower the enterprise with financial and operational insights from the same data to support faster, more informed decision-making. And it does all of that in a cloud platform designed to continually evolve and scale with your organization.

In our first book, OneStream Foundation Handbook, OneStream’s team of experts break down each part of implementation, dive into the design aspects, and detail the guiding principles. This book is a practical guide packed with many of the details you’ll need to know to pass the OneStream Lead Architect Certification Exam.

The OneStream Certification Program will establish a thriving community of proven OneStream professionals prepared to support the future of intelligent finance. OneStream’s certifications will demonstrate the highest levels of technical competency, productivity, and industry recognition, offering a way to advance careers and gain a competitive advantage.

By reading the OneStream Foundation Handbook, you’ll learn how to do the following:

  • Manage your implementation with our methodology
  • Understand design and build concepts
  • Build solutions to consolidate financial data and develop planning models
  • Create data integration solutions that will feed your models
  • Develop workflows to guide and manage your end users
  • Advance your solution with rules and security
  • Take advantage of detailed data reporting with tools such as Analytic Blend, Advanced Excel reporting, and Dashboarding
  • Tune your performance and optimize your application

These skills will prepare you for the OneStream Lead Architect Certification Exam.

The OneStream Lead Architect Certification Exam

The exam will be a live, cloud-based lab environment that is remotely proctored through video. The exam consists of a hybrid of traditional multiple-choice questions and hands-on, performance-based job tasks. The hybrid approach is designed to validate technical knowledge, skills, and abilities aligned to how you actually do your job.

In addition to the multiple-choice items, you will be presented with a series of instructions to perform tasks that align with OneStream’s implementation lifecycle. Each job task will present a “real-world” situation, allowing you to demonstrate your abilities.

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Terms and Conditions: Proof of purchase required. One (1) certification exam voucher per book. All vouchers per receipt must be claimed at one time; if a receipt is for the purchase of 10 books, all 10 vouchers must be claimed at the same time. Vouchers are valid for post-beta production exams only. This offer is only valid for 12 months from this book’s date of purchase, and cannot be combined with any other offer.